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Southern University Alumni Federation / Southern University Alumni Affairs (SUAF) website We hope the information listed on this site will be helpful to our alumni and friends. We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do for Southern University, especially for being an active member of your Alumni Federation and for promoting your university in so many ways -- by wearing your SU apparel, by displaying SU items in your office for all to see and most of all by sending your children to SU and encouraging others to do likewise.  By so doing, you demonstrate in a meaningful way, that Southern University is your institution of choice!

If you are not a member of the SUAF, we invite you to join our ever-growing team, for we need you. To join, please go to the Join the SUAF section of our Web site as well as provide your updated contact information by visiting the Update Your Alumni Record section.  When you visit the Baton Rouge campus, be sure to stop by the Office of Alumni Affairs for information or assistance. In the meantime, if any of our staff members can be of any assistance to you, please don't hesitate to contact our office at (225) 771-4200.  Thank you again for your support of Southern University through your Alumni Federation.

If you have suggestions or links you would like to see added to this site, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at

View the A Digital Collection Celebrating the Founding of Southern University and A&M College

"Southern University History Online" is a pictorial history of the institution and also provides the first gateway to major historical and illustrative resources about the institution. Photographs, manuscripts, event programs, and a plethora of other documents can be found on this site. The pictures and documents in this collection span the early history of the institution, from 1880-1960. Each image or historical document illustrates some aspect of the institution's rich legacy. Materials in the online collection are taken from source materials housed in the University Archives, Special Collections Department of the John B. Cade Library. This collection contains items having the themes: Presidents, Students, Sports, Alumni, Campus Buildings, Artifacts, and Events.
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